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M2M Services

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Back-Office Capabilities Power the Best Practices in Managing M2M Services Excellence in M2M service delivery requires a fresh approach to managing M2M services. NEXIS has developed back-office capabilities designed specifically to support the intricacies and nuances of the M2M application service providers and enterprises and are constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of customers.

Provisioning Systems Ensure Efficient M2M Service Delivery NEXIS systems are connected directly into operator partner's provisioning systems. This ensures accurate, real time, activation and feature control. There is no manual hand-off, no need to call 'human' service centers though, of course, NEXIS specialises in the human variety of managing M2M services, offering technical and customer support - and this flow-through design ensures that activations performed by customers are accurately configuring devices in the field with no perceptible delay.

Web and API tools for integrating NEXIS provisioning and device management systems into customers' own back-office platforms are provided. Low network use "threshold" monitoring Within the Nexis gateway every device in use can be independently monitored for excessive-use, with near real-time notification capabilities, greatly reducing the risk of downtime and for rapid fault detection.

Support Systems

NEXIS has an internal trouble ticketing system that ensures accurate tracking, assignment, escalation and resolution of issues supporting various tickets types including trouble reports and other general requests. Issues can be requested via phone, email, fax or directly into the NEXIS back office systems using the ticket submission feature in the NEXIS Web Portal.

System Surveillance

NEXIS monitors all network elements on a 24 hour per day, 7 day a week basis from its Network Operations Center. NEXIS has technical staff available, managing M2M services on an emergency 24/7 basis. Pro-active Outage Notifications To ensure all customers are notified prior to any pending activities, NEXIS provides email-based notifications prior to any service impacting maintenance services and schedules, these notifications provide for maintenance activities to be planned for off-peak times, usually over a weekend.

Detailed Electronic Usage Details

NEXIS has back-office systems that monitor, track and report on every network level transaction created by either SMS, packet data (GPRS/EDGE) or voice usage, as applicable. These details can be requested for ad hoc review/analysis on specific devices or can be provided as a service on a monthly basis.