"NEXIS Technology by Design"

Tracking Solutions

NEXIS have and continue to work closely with their clients and technology partners to create and maintain industry leading solutions that once adopted and deployed always exceed the overall business objectives and requirements of the client. 

In order to consistently meet and exceed client expectation NEXIS Technologies has developed a technologically advanced Software Portal that can incorporate a large range of advanced hardware devices, together with its unique managed services create the bases for a totally managed solution.

NEXIS have listened intently and studied carefully over the years to the requirements and challenges that modern businesses face today and realise that simply providing tracking devices with a map and reports falls far short of the objectives that the client initially sets out to achieve. As a consequence by doing this only adds more logistical headaches.

When a company is deciding to adopt any asset security or fleet management solution there are many issues that are usually debated and questions asked, HR issues are discussed, installation issues, what reports are important and frequency of reporting etc. These questions are important to the smooth and effective deployment of any system however there are many more important questions and decisions to be considered before deciding upon any solution. NEXIS are unique in its approach to its clients as NEXIS does not simply sell asset security or fleet management systems NEXIS have created complete managed solutions that meet the challenges experienced by modern businesses today.

Besides the provision of important business intelligence in fleet logistics NEXIS solutions address the issues of management reporting, analysis and asset register management. Usually when a business deploys any fleet management system the issues of system management is always overlooked, this creates issues in itself by placing additional workload and overhead on office or depot personnel to manage the systems, reports, and operational compliance. All these issues are taken care of within the managed service offered by NEXIS.

NEXIS clients have been enjoying and relying on a comprehensive managed service for a number of years, this is what differentiates NEXIS from other companies that simply provide tracking devices, a map and then leave it to the client to trawl through endless reams of inappropriate reports before they get the answers they need in order to effectively manage their business and enjoy the benefits of the system in which they have invested.

NEXIS managed services are based around the deployment of our own technologically advanced devices, industry leading web based software portal that incorporates the latest mapping updates with the ability to interrogate and view on most Internet enabled smart phones and tablet devices. Included within NEXIS managed services are:

Asset Register, Report configuration, Business Intelligence and Analysis reports all can be managed and delivered to the client on agreed schedules.

NEXIS also undertake the following tasks as part of our managed services,

·         Contacting clients  following unit activation (tamper alarm / low battery alarm etc)

·         Liaising with client staff to return units which require a service

·         Providing client staff with installation details to help maintain client records

·         Positioning assets upon request (normally due to an asset being misplaced or stolen)

·         Status checks on demand before deploying a long term hire (to check battery status etc)

·         Hours used report generation to assist in billing / hire discrepancies

·         Updating client asset fleet numbers when they change

·         Updating client details when contact information changes

·         Re-allocating asset details when they are transferred between client locations

·        Assistance and product training

·         Installation and technical assistance

·         Out of hours emergency assistance

·         Asset recovery in the event of theft

·         Creating customised reports to save client staff time and resources

NEXIS have designed and created bespoke solutions for unique customer requirements, this has included bespoke systems designed for Tower Lights to solutions for capturing trailer mileage. NEXIS are constantly developing new ideas and solutions to enhance the service and solutions offered to our customers.

Nexis Server

The Nexis Server is a web based GPS tracking platform with real time view, advanced business alerts and reporting. You can subscribe to it as a hosted service.

Nexis Tracking Solutions

Here are some examples of business solutions running on Nexis Server. Multiple solutions can easily be combined to your needs as they are all part of the same Nexis Server platform.

Tracking for Transportation companies - Many of our customers in the transportation industry use Nexis Server to lower their fleet usage cost and minimize the risk of theft and hijacking. Customers report big savings on fuel consumption, recovered vehicles and merchandise.

Tracking and dispatch for Utility Companies - Nexis Server is helping many service companies and Utility organisations to dispatch their vehicles in an optimal way. Customers report cost savings and increased service levels for selecting the most appropriate vehicle for service and repair assignments.

Real time GPS tracking for Car rental companies - Car rental companies use Nexis Server to increase service level and decrease risk and cost.

Tracking and dispatch solution for Taxi Companies - There are many Taxi companies using Nexis server. Taxi companies report that their customers get less waiting time and that the Taxi fleet has less time without a customer in the taxi.

Visual Dispatch - Nexis Vehicle Tracker helps you to quickly locate the closest available vehicle for an assignment. This minimizes unnecessary driving and lowers the time to complete assignments.

Fleet Usage Reporting - Nexis Vehicle Tracker keeps track of how the vehicles are used so that you can look back at the status and the position of each vehicle at any point in time.

Real Time Fleet View - Follow your vehicles and assets on a map with updated position, speed and vehicle status information. Configure real time alerts over email and SMS for unexpected vehicle usage.

Asset and Vehicle Protection - Get an email or SMS alert when an asset or vehicle is stolen or used outside approved working hours. Track it in real time from your mobile phone for fast recovery.