"NEXIS Technology by Design"

Nexis Server

The Nexis Server is a web based GPS tracking platform with real time view, advanced business alerts and reporting. You can subscribe to it as a hosted service.

Nexis Software transforms the working relationship between owners and assets by providing full visibility, significant cost controls and immediate savings Nexis Software offers industry-experienced professionals to assist you with turn-key installation, data loading and integration

Our best-in-class project management methodology enables complete implementations, and guaranteed ROI in the first year following deployment. Nexis consultants offer a lifecycle of solutions to address all our customers' needs Today's top organisations are looking for optimal ways to gain insights from data in shorter reporting windows. It's all about getting to relevant data quicker by revealing previously unseen patterns, sentiments and relationships.

Nexis Analytics enables our customers to measure what matters most today, reveal best actions, expose threats, and gain insights that compel the right actions. With Nexis Analytics, managers and executives now have access to accurate, real-time views into their labour, equipment and operational spend, that include the following:

• Ability to produce a "cost at completion" forecast
• Cost management is approached from a project management viewpoint, as opposed to an accounting perspective
• Graphic views of important operational metrics like daily spend, headcount, overtime ratios
• Daily, real-time monitoring, forecasting and reporting of all associated costs and hours
• Segregation of scope change, repair and capital project costs from turnaround costs
• The ability to facilitate contract administration as work is performed
• Drill-down capabilities to source data
Management Controls provides you with the flexibility to deploy our applications in our “cloud,” as part of our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering.

Server side integration

The Nexis Server platform is designed for integration with external systems. Nexis Server can provide position data and mapping functionality to an external application. It is also possible to create alerts from Nexis Server to external applications over HTTP or TCP/IP sockets.

Server side integration can be done in three different ways:

·         Server side .NET business logic integration

·         Through remote access using Nexis Server Protocol

·         Direct database integration